Welcome to the best wine club anywhere!

Our expert tasting panel sources and scours the world for outstanding wines. We love sharing those wines with our clients. Here's what you can expect when you join one of our clubs:

  • Adventure - Taste the wines of the world. It's like traveling the world from your own armchair!
  • Trust - For wines offered through the wine club, we demand transparency and lab test wines to accurately measure alcohol and sugar levels and any other additives in wines. 
  • Wines that Delight - Be delighted, or we'll make it right, with an exchange or credit.
  • Authoritative Selection & Commentary - We are wine experts with decades of experience. 
  • Engaging wines that Educate - There are so many wines in the world. We like to feature wines that tell a story and offer points of distinction.

Here’s why our clubsare the most popular among wine enthusiasts:


  • Our staff tastes over 4,500 wines per year so you don’t have to.
  • Only the best wines are selected for our club members.
  • Join our wine club. Stay for as long as you like. Cancel any time.
  • Free Shipping is always included

We select wines that meet the following stringent criteria:

  • Wines are low in sugar (< 2 g/L)
  • Wine are not adulterated with dies, coloring agents or questionable chemical additives
  • The wine have balanced alcohols (<14%)
  • We seek out small production & limited availability wines from authentic producers
  • Wines have low sulfites (<75ppm) 

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