1977 L'Archiviste Maury Vin Doux Naturel

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About the Wine

Maury’s Vin Doux Naturel are meditative wines to savor next to a fire with a good book and reflected love. These wines have an amazing ability to age and are some of the longest-lived wines anywhere.Tasting a Maury wine is a mystical experience. These wines are, like wine Enthusiast said, "complex, deeply flavored, and warm the body when it’s cool outside."

Maury is home to Roussillion’s famous vins doux naturels. To produce this sweet wine, fermentation is stopped in the middle of the ‘solid’ phase in mid-fermentation by adding neutral alcohol to capture the natural grape sugars. Alcoholic maceration continues for another three weeks.Then, the wine is left to age in barrels for many years. If you'd like to know more about fortified wines and Vin doux Naturel,  visit our blog.

If you haven't tried Philippe Gayral's wines yet, now's the perfect time. Philippe, a knowledgeable figure who used to run a prominent co-op in Roussillon, has a great network of connections with local wineries, especially in Banyuls, Maury, and Rivesaltes. These appellations are famous for their sweet, fortified wines called Vins doux Naturels. Wines that, after aging for years, even decades, in barrels and bottles, they become incredibly complex.

Philippe discovered hidden treasures—old vintages from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s—in many wineries. His mission is clear: rescue these forgotten wines and introduce them to wine lovers in the 21st century. Philippe finds, bottles, and shares these gems. Some wineries proudly participate, while others prefer to remain anonymous. In such cases, Philippe bottles the wine under the L'Archiviste label.

These special wines make fantastic birth year gifts. Imagine drinking a wine born in the same year as you! But, they are also a perfect way to travel in time. These wines are like time capsules from another era. If you listen and taste carefully, these wines often have amazing stories to tell.

Tasting Notes:Grenache Noir.
See Critical Reviews for detailed tasting notes.


Rich and layered on the nose, with roasted almonds moving into marzipan, together with dark cherry and a hint of dried strawberry. The palate has good grip and depth, offering a drier style than many Vins Doux, this allows the earthy complexity to shine. Leather, roasted nuts and a note reminiscent of old library books on the finish. Intriguing and complex. ~93 Thomas Parker.

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