2003 Cascina Bruciata Nebbiolo Langhe

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About the Wine

The history of Cascina Bruciata is intertwined with that of different families. This now includes the Abonna family who purchased it in 2016; their other estate is Marchesi di Barolo.

Rio Sordo is one of the historic Crus of Barbaresco, a town located near Cuneo about 300 metres above sea level. This area has always produced elegant, sophisticated and full-bodied wines. References to Cascina Bruciata (its name, which means Burnt Farm House, is not accidental) can be found in “Viticoltura ed Enologia nella Provincia di Cuneo”(Viticulture and Oenology in the Province of Cuneo), a handwritten monograph written by Lorenzo Fantini in 1879. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the farm was maliciously burnt down forcing the owner to leave it to Giovanni Balbo, who worked together with his seven children to get the most out of a particularly rainy year. Balbo was the only winemaker in the area that year who successfully harvested healthy, mature grapes. Carlo Balbo’s efforts led to Cascina Bruciata acquiring a fame that still continues today.

The Abonna family believes that caring for the vineyards and paying thorough attention to the entire wine-making process is essential to emphasize the natural excellence of this historic land and create wines of world-renowned structure and refinement. 

Nebbiolo Langhe is the grape and wine most associated with the region. 

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