2009 Chateau Grand-Jauga Cuvee Prestige Sauternes 375ml

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  • From Best Sweet Wine Producing Region
  • 97 Point Vintage, Robert Parker
  • Perfect Pairing to Most Cheeses
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About the Wine

Sauternes is a paradise for lovers of sweetness, finesse, and good wines. Home to some of the prestigious sweet wines in the world these wines are adored by wine experts, pundits, and sommeliers alike. Wines from this region can fetch up to $1,000 a bottle or more! 

The 2009 Chateau Grand-Jauga Cuvee Prestige is a prestigious Sauternes. Sauternes get their complex flavor and aromas from a fungus called Botrytis (or noble rot), which is generated naturally in the vineyard, only under the perfect growing conditions. These unique circumstances are what make Sauternes the king of sweet wines.  

Grapes must be handpicked by trained professionals that can distinguish between rotten grapes and ones that have achieved the perfect level of ripeness. Finally, nothing guarantees that this fungus will develop every year, it’s practically up to the climate! Not every year, Sauternes producers can release a vintage. This sweet wine is an art!

Made from the best sweet wine-producing region, this is a perfect dessert wine!

Tasting Notes: 100% Semillon. The pale lemon-colored 2009 Chateau Grand-Jauga Cuvee Prestige has a complex nose of chalk dust, honeycomb, and almond growing over a core of marmalade, peach cobbler, and lemon curd. Sweet, concentrated, and backed up by oodles of racy freshness, it has a very long, layered finish.



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