2015 Cantina Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema 'Classico Nebbiolo' DOC

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  • Ancient Region, Loved By Kings & Royalty
  • Nebbiolo marked by Finesse & Fragrance
  • Next Door to Barolo & Barbaresco
  • Region Leading Cooperative
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About the Wine

Carema is an ancient wine-growing region, where Nebbiolo thrives, in the northwest of Piedmont and has been loved for centuries by Dukes, Princes, Popes, and many royal families. Nebbiolo from Carema is more fragrant displaying more finesse than power compared to its neighbors in the Langhe but maintains a lengthy lifespan similar to Barolo and Barbaresco. The time is ripe to channel your inner royalty and discover this historical wine-growing region!

Cantina dei Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema” was founded in 1960 by a group of 10 resident winegrowers and producers. Today, 

the cooperative has 101 members with 71 contribute their grapes for production and with all contributors acting as part-time producers. The cooperative aims at safeguarding and enhancing the wine culture of Carema, a special and quiet environment dominated by the famous grapevines filled terraces. 

The village of Carema lies in a beautiful sunny valley northwest of Piedmont and marks the divide between Piedmont and the Aosta Valley. The backdrop to the village is a spectacular expanse of vineyards clinging onto rocky slopes almost 2000 feet above sea level. The terraces are supported but dry stone walls and are filled with fertile morainal soil brought up from the bottom of the valley. Vine trellises rest on the flat stone “caps” placed on top of the pillars. Over and above their scenic effect, these masses of rock play a very important role: in the day they store the heat of the sun and then release it in the night, thus attenuating the difference in the temperature range between day and night.

Vine growing in the valley of Carema is a millenary tradition and what results from hard work is a powerful Red wine that has received many acknowledgments over the centuries. The bottler of Pope Paul III born Alessandro Farnese, the author of a wine guide dated 1539, defined this wine as “an excellent drink, perfect for princes and lords”. A 16th-century treaty, the “De Vinis Italiae”, made reference to Carema as a wine served at the table of Popes, of the Dukes of Savoy, and served as “wine for roast meat” to the French Royals. Time has certainly not weakened the character of this wine, defined by Mario Soldati as “strong and likable as the sun and the stone”.

Aging: 12 months in large oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

Light colored like an iced tea, medium persistence with garnet highlights. Spicy notes of cinnamon nutmeg and fruit in alcohol. Soft taste, good tannins, acidity complemented by the sweet notes coming from aging in wood. Intense aftertaste with spicy notes in the finish. 

With tasty food, ravioli, risotto and polenta concia (polenta with cheese), meat rolls, pheasant, and grilled meat. Cured meat and medium-ripe cheeses.



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