2016 Bella Vida O'Donnell Pinot Noir Dundee Hills

  • Winemaker Series: Brian O'Donnell, Belle Pente's Owner & Winemaker
  • Outstanding 97 Point Vintage ~Wine Spectator
  • Dundee Hills is One of the Best Terroirs for Pinot Noir
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About the Wine

“Wine, especially Pinot noir wine, is all about place. Plant a pinot vine here and it will taste one way, plant it over there and it will taste a different way. Plant it in the Dundee Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and it will likely taste of silky red cherries or raspberries with a touch of autumn-dewed forest floor and a smidgen of mysterious minerality. It should be, in short, the very signature of what the world thinks of as Oregon Pinot noir. Oregon Pinot noir did not begin in the Dundee Hills, but it is in the Dundee Hills where Oregon Pinot noir first won its worldwide reputation for greatness.”~ Cole Danehower, Oregon Wine Writer

Located in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley, the Dundee Hills are renowned for producing exceptional Pinot Noir. With its unique combination of soil, climate, and winemaking tradition, this region has earned its place as the epicenter of Oregon Pinot Noir.

Oregon Pinot Noir is having a moment! Once praised for resembling prestigious 1er Cru Burgundy, this region is now a star in its own right.Here’s the good news: While Burgundy prices climb, these wines truly hit their stride around year five, offering incredible complexity and value for Pinot Noir lovers seeking an alternative.

Steve Whiteside, a pioneer who planted the famed Bella Vida vineyard in Oregon's prime Dundee Hills AVA back in the 90s, recently sold the property. The new owners, under the name Lucid Wild are selling the wines at around $325/bottle.

Bella Vida is nestled beneath a canopy of Madrone trees in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Bella Vida estate offers an unparalleled view of Oregon's Coast Range. Since the late 1990s, Bella Vida has been a local favorite, renowned for its expertly crafted Pinot Noir.

This wine is part of "The Winemaker Series" a collection of wines crafted by three distinct winemakers, each utilizing a foundation of very similar grapes. Brian O'Donnell is the owner and winemaker at Belle Pente Vineyard & Winery. A biodynamic farmer, Brian has created a wine that emphasizes the Jory soil here at Bella Vida.

Meet the experts shaping the soul of Bella Vida's wines:

Jay Somers, Founder of J. Christopher, whose expertise spans from New Zealand's Dry River Vineyard to Oregon's Adelsheim, infuses Bella Vida's wines with his Burgundian passion, honed through years of vinicultural exploration.

Brian O'Donnell, founder of Belle Pente, drawing from his California roots and experiences at esteemed estates, Brian shapes Bella Vida's essence with old-world elegance, creating wines that speak of tradition and terroir.

Jacques Tardy, winemaker at Torii Mor, deftly crafts Bella Vida's wines, each bottle a symphony of flavors that evolves gracefully over time.

Patrick Reuter, co-owner of Dominio IV, from Chile to Burgundy, Napa, New Zealand and beyind, Patrick's global winemaking journey includes working for Armand Rousseau (Romanée-Conti, Leflaive, Jacques Prieur).

2016 was an outstanding year for Willamette Valley. Wine Spectator blessed this vintage with a 97 point review, and Vinous said, "The wines show expressive, often intense fruit character, which will allow for early pleasure but they also possess depth and balance plus surprising structure to age gracefully."

Tasting Notes: 100% Pinot Noir. Layered textures, a true artisanal partnership with nature. A dusty ruby red color with notes of sweet fruit, round red cherries, and blackberry. 



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