2020 Tinazzi No 3 Vinum Italicum Opera Rosso

  • "Plenty of Plush Sweetness on the Palate" ~90 Decanter
  • Big and Bold: If You’re a Ripasso Wine Lover, You’re in for a Treat!
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About the Wine

In ancient times, “Tinazzi” was the name given to the “containers similar to barrels where the crushed grapes were put to ferment in the old Veronese winemaking tradition.” Today, “Tinazzi” is the last name of one of the most powerful and successful families in the Italian wine industry. The Tinazzi family hails from the Valpolicella region in the Veneto near Lake Garda, and they are masters of the appassimento style. They took this expertise to Puglia, in Southern Italy, and today own the San Giorgio winery where they produce award-winning wines with local grapes.

It all started in 1968 when Eugenio and his son Figli founded a small company in Verona, but as easy as this might sound, it wasn’t. Tinazzi tells a story of hard work, passion, dedication, and pursuing one's goals. The family was so poor, that they “were just about to sell the chairs,” but their dream was stronger, and today, more than 50 years later, this thriving company was called by Decanter magazine “a recognized producer of high-quality wines, sold in 55 countries worldwide.” Their goal remains the same: “to promote the soul of the territories safeguarding tradition while seeking innovation.”

Aging: 24 to 36 months in French oak barrels.

Tasting notes: 40% Primitivo, 40% Negroamaro, 20% Sangiovese. Full-bodied, flavorful, and a bit warm. It has plenty of spiciness and pepper, along with hints of vanilla, chocolate, licorice, cola, and coffee, all mingling with the dark raisin-like fruit flavors. 


A delightful blend of red and black fruit aromas. Plenty of plush sweetness on the palate. Fresh typical Primitivo-dominated blend. ~90 Decanter

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