2021 Tenute Piccini Pavonero Primitivo Di Manduria DOC

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  • 97 Point Primitivo di Manduria
  • “One of the Most Dynamic & Innovative Wineries in Italy Today" ~WE
  • More than 140 Years of Winemaking Experience
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About the Wine

The Piccini family has tenderly worked their vines since 1882, starting with a small estate with little more than 17 acres of vineyards, now grown to over four estates, located in some of the most emblematic wine regions in all of Italy. Their passion for quality and authenticity has given them a name that is one of the best-known in Italy.

Its impressive pursuit of quality is what has guided Tenute Piccini to quickly become one of the leading wine estates in Italy. Wine Enthusiast said this Tenuta is "one of the most dynamic and innovative wineries in Italy today." Piccini is an example of tradition. Piccini's owner Mario Piccini says “All we do in the present time is present in the past and also will be for the future.” These are the words they live and produce. 

Primitivo is a grape of “mystery." This grape has been quoted in many writings of the Roman empire, and legends even say that it was served at the last supper. Whether it is true or not, this grape is filled with history, culture, and flavor that will enchant you from the very first sip.

Known as an “elegant and stubborn grape” Pavonero Primitivo di Manduria thrives within the breeze of the Ionian Sea and warms under the sun. It is given its characteristic redness due to the presence of iron oxides in the soil. A curated wine meant to be cellared, only the best of the best grapes move to traditional fermentation, and then it is aged for 6 months in oak barrels. A bright Primitivo that pairs incredibly with hearty red meat and mixed grills, as well as traditional Apulian dishes. 

Aging:6 months in oak

Tasting Notes: 100% Primitivo. Pavonero is the unique essence of Italy. This wine is fresh, fun and beautiful. Aromas of bright red fruits, complemented with notes of cacao, vanilla, andaromatic herbs from the Mediterranean sea. A mind-blowing explosion of flavors and aromas.


~97 Luca Maroni.

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