2021 Cantine San Marzano 'Edda' Bianco Salento Puglia

  • 99 Points, One of "The Best Italian Wines" by Luca Maroni
  • Consultant Mario Ercolino, (Behind Feudi San Gregorio's Success)
  • Winemaker Trained at Villa Maria & Frescobaldi 
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About the Wine

Think about this. What would you pay for one of the highest scoring white wines from Burgundy? Or Napa? Or just about any major wine producing region? You'd pay a lot more than $25! Grab this award winning Southern Italian gem before it's gone.

'Edda', which means 'she' in the local dialect, is a complex and enchanting wine that will transport you to the sun-drenched landscapes of southern Italy with every sip.

This is a masterful blend that combines the finesse and longevity of Chardonnay grapes with the unique characteristics of indigenous Puglian varieties. It’s an elegant expression of the Mediterranean, where each varietal competes year after year to perfect the blend.

Cantine San Marzano's journey began in 1962 when 19 visionary winegrowers in the heart of Primitivo di Manduria founded the winery. Over the decades, their dedication and passion transformed San Marzano into a celebrated name in the wine world. The leadership of Francesco Cavallo since 1982 has been instrumental in shaping the winery’s future, blending tradition with innovation.

Winemaker consultant Mario Ercolino is a key figure in the Italian wine industry. He has been instrumental in the success of Feudi di San Gregorio (becoming a driving force in Southern Italy, establishing itself as the leading producer of quality wines in the region).

Winemaker Davide Ragusa gained experience through grape harvests in Italy (Frescobaldi, Tuscany) and New Zealand (Villa Maria). In 2013, he began his ongoing work with Cantine San Marzano, focusing on research, collaboration, and enhancing the local terroir.

In 1996, the winery took a significant leap by acquiring a modern bottling plant, marking their transition from bulk wine producers to a brand that cultivates a direct relationship with wine enthusiasts. The creation of their iconic Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria DOP in 2000 redefined the perception of Puglian wines globally, showcasing the profound connection between the region's people and the Primitivo grape.

Indulge in the 2021 Cantine San Marzano 'Edda' Bianco Salento and embrace the vibrant spirit of Puglia. In the definitive guide for Italian wines, Luca Maroni rated this wine 99pts, calling it "one of the year's best" Italian wines.

Aging: French oak barrels for 4 months on the yeasts with a weekly bâtonnage.

Tasting Notes: Chardonnay with white native grapes.Straw yellow with goldish reflections. Mellow floral notes, peach and delicate vanilla hints pervade the nose. Generous in its elegance. Fresh, delicate and mineral.Pair with starters, fish first courses and cheese.


~99 Luca Maroni, Yearbook of "The Best Italian Wines" Luca Maroni

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