2022 Cantina Vernaccia Vermentino Di Sardegna Is Arutas

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About the Wine

At Cantina della Vernaccia di Oristano tradition meets innovation to create exceptional wines that capture the essence of Sardinia's unique terroir. Founded in 1953, Cantina della Vernaccia has been at the forefront of promoting and celebrating the Vernaccia di Oristano throughout Italy and beyond. With over fifty years of winemaking expertise, Cantina della Vernaccia has evolved to produce a diverse range of high-quality wines, including the renowned Vermentino Di Sardegna Is Arutas. 

Nestled within the picturesque Sinis territory, Cantina della Vernaccia's vineyards benefit from the region's breathtaking landscapes and favorable climate conditions. From marshlands to lush farmlands and wild, unspoiled beaches, the Sinis territory sets the stage for the cultivation of exceptional grapes. The alluvial soils of the river Tirso, combined with the microclimate influenced by the nearby sea, create the perfect environment for producing wines of unparalleled quality.

At Cantina della Vernaccia, sustainability is at the heart of everything they do.Their vineyards are managed with care and respect for the environment, utilizing natural organic fertilizers and green manuring practices every other year.

The 2022 Cantina Vernaccia Vermentino Di Sardegna Is Arutas embodies the essence of Sardinia's terroir. Made from 100% Vermentino grapes, this wine showcases the finest expression of the region's most popular white grape variety. Grown in fresh areas close to the sea, the Vermentino grapes thrive in the optimal conditions provided by the Is Arutas beach, resulting in a wine of exceptional character and complexity.

Aging: It ages for one month on its fine lees. 

Tasting Notes: 100% Vermentino. Bright straw yellow colour, with fruity and floral aromas on the nose; dry, smooth and extremely fresh on the palate. The wine has good persistence and good body. The whole, perfectly balanced, makes it a very elegant wine.


~97 Luca Maroni, I Migliori Vini Italiani, Guide to Italy's Best Wines 

~92 5StarWines - the Book - Vinitaly 

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