2022 Domaine Vocoret & Fils Chablis

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  • 92 Point Vintage ~Vinous Media
  • Over 150 Years of Winemaking Experience
  • One of the Most Unique Terroirs in the World
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About the Wine

Most wine collectors and sommeliers will tell you that the wines of Chablis are among some of the most highly sought-after wines in all of Burgundy. Chablis is known for producing a high-quality, mineral-driven, unoaked Chardonnay with exceptional acidity. The wines are frequently referenced as a pure unaltered expression of Chardonnay.

The Chablis region of Burgundy has one of the rares and most incredible soils in the world, it's a rich soil of clay and limestone that nurtures Chardonnay. Also known as the Kimmeridgian soil, is born of 180 million years of oyster shells fossilizing into soil. That’s why Chablis is so distinctive from Chardonnay produced in other regions.  

Established in 1870 by the visionary Edouard Vocoret, Domaine Vocoret & Fils stands as a testament to four generations of familial passion and commitment to the craft. Rooted in the heart of the ancient village of Chablis, each member of the VOCORET lineage has contributed to the vineyard's legacy with a profound reverence for terroir and a relentless pursuit of quality.

Under the stewardship of Robert Vocoret, the vineyard expanded to new horizons, evolving from its humble origins to its current location on the prestigious 40, Route d'Auxerre. With Michel and Claude at the helm, the estate flourished, blending tradition with innovation, while Jérôme and Patrice continue the family's proud tradition with unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail.

In the capable hands of Jérôme and Patrice, each vine is nurtured with dedication and passion, ensuring optimal ripeness and flavor development. Meanwhile, Patrice oversees the winemaking process with an unwavering commitment to excellence, harnessing the full spectrum of Chablis' unique terroir to produce wines of unparalleled quality.

Nestled on clayey limestone slopes, Domaine Vocoret & Fils benefits from a unique and prestigious terroir, resulting in wines that boast rich, persistent flavors and intense aromas. From the slow-blossoming elegance of the Grand Crus to the vibrant character of the village wines, each bottle encapsulates the essence of Chablis' finest offerings.

Tasting Notes: 100% Chardonnay. This wine captures the typical Chablis character with steely minerality, focused citrus expression and firm acidity. Serve as an aperitif or with oysters, seafood, snails, charcuterie, goat cheese, Gruyere cheese.



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