2022 Luigi Maffini Kratos Fiano di Avellino

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  • "Simply Stunning" ~92+ Vinous Media
  • One of the Greatest Italian White Grapes, Impressive Ability to Age
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About the Wine

Dive into one of Italy's finest white wines—celebrated for its impressive ability to age, exceptional quality, and irresistible flavors. Like Riesling, this grape matures gracefully, offering a journey of evolving tastes and textures.

Explore the world of Fiano, a very serious contender for lovers of exceptional whites from Germany, white Burgundy, and Sancerre. 

Nestled in the picturesque Cilento region of Campania lies Luigi Maffini’s vineyards—a true gem in the Southern heart of Italy. With a backdrop of rugged hills overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and blessed with abundant Mediterranean vegetation and olive trees, this land is a haven for viticulture.

The Maffini family's winemaking journey began in the 1970s, but it was in 1996 that Luigi's vision of crafting wines of integrity and purity from indigenous grapes truly flourished. Their vineyard sites, Castellabate and Giungano, are meticulously tended and organically farmed, yielding exceptional Fiano and Aglianico grapes.

Luigi, accompanied by his wife Raffaella, both esteemed graduates of Naples University, pour their passion into every aspect of winemaking, creating wines that are radiant expressions of their terroir. Alongside their two children and three loyal dogs, they harmonize with nature, sharing their home with a diverse array of wildlife—from wild rabbits and foxes to hedgehogs and hawks, adding to the enchantment of their vineyard landscape.

Luigi Maffini is one of the finest producers in the Campania regions, highly regarded for his work with the Fiano and Aglianico grapes. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is an area embraced by the most untouched part of the Gulf of Salerno. The area is very near the important Greek ruins at Paestum. Given that the region has been producing wine for millenia, drinking this wine is drinking history.

Tasting Notes: 100% Fiano di Avellino. Experience the perfect harmony of freshness and balance in this wine, where a delightful interplay of fruity and sour notes captivates the palate. Its bouquet is a tapestry of lime, almond, broom, kiwi, and hazelnuts, offering a sensory adventure that lingers long after each sip.


Simply stunning, the 2022 Kratos is smoky yet also fruit focused, with musky dried apricots, lime zest, crushed rocks and sea spray forming its captivating bouquet. This is full of energy, soft-textured and packed with zesty citrus and mineral tones balanced by a core of vivid, ripe yellow apples. The 2021 finishes fresh and potent, ending with lemon oil and peach notes. It's amazing that this is Luigi Maffini's "entry-level Fiano" ~92+ Vinous Media

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