2022 Marisa Cuomo Furore Bianco Costa d'Amalfi

  • If You're Looking for Top-Notch, Rare Italian White, This is It!
  • Highly Awarded Producer in Amalfi Coast
  • Artisanal, Ancestral Winemaking Traditions
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About the Wine

In the picturesque Furore, where vines and rocks dramatically meet the sea, you'll discover the enchanting Cantine Marisa Cuomo. Here, the grapes bask in the sun and sea of the Amalfi Coast, clinging to the rugged cliffs. Deep within these cliffs lies the heart of the estate—a wine cellar carved into the rock.

Since 1980, Cantine Marisa Cuomo, owned by Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo, has flourished across ten hectares of this magical terroir. Their commitment to noble grapes, the pursuit of freshness and humidity, and a blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology result in exceptional wines, cherished by wine lovers worldwide.

Guided by oenologist Luigi Moio and a dedicated team, Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo aimed to stand out in the world of Italian wine.

Enter Gran Furor Divina Costiera, a brand created in 1942 to represent the wines of the Furore Coast. In 1980, Andrea Ferraioli acquired it, dedicated to crafting high-quality wines and reviving ancestral winemaking traditions. Together with Marisa Cuomo, they've elevated Cantine di Marisa Cuomo to the pinnacle of Italian winemaking.

Their dedication has been recognized with national and international awards: Gold medals, and the prestigious "Tre Bicchieri" (three glasses) from the Gambero Rosso guide are just a few of their accolades

Tasting Notes 60% Falanghina, 40% Biancolella. Celebrate the coastal elegance of Costa d'Amalfi Bianco – a white wine with a pale yellow hue and a delightful blend of acacia, lemon verbena, and aromatic herbs, culminating in a lingering hint of toasted almond. Experience its harmonious balance and invigorating freshness.  



***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of This Wine***