2004 Chavet et Fils Menetou Salon Pinot Noir

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Menetou-Salon lies between the Touraine and Sancerre, enjoying what many experts consider the best wine growing properties of both. The particular mix of limestone and rich calcium deposits in the soil, combined with the reliably temperate climate and cool evenings explain why this is one of the premiere P growing regions of the world. Pinot noir is a grape with many faces. In this version, it is particularly fruity and delicate. The grapes are coddled throughout their growth cycle, with frequent trimming, and net coverage to protect them from excessive sun. Phillipe Chavet is a master vintner who understands that pinot must be wooed like a fickle lady. The result is a wine with beautiful nose, all cherry and chocolate, that on the palate .releases delicate, refined notes of vanilla, licorice, and aromatic tobacco.

*Vintage in the image does not correspond to the actual vintage.