Scrimaglio Barolo & Barbaresco 2pk Sampler 2x750ml

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About the Offer

Barolo or Barbaresco? It's the million-dollar question in the world of Italian wine, and today, we're going to help you pick your team. Here's the lowdown:

Barolo, the undisputed champion of Italian wine excellence. Known as the "King of Wines," it's like a time-traveling storyteller in each bottle. A minimum ofthree years in oak barrels and an additional year in the bottle, this wine is true Italian royalty. 

Barolo is King of Italian wines. But you know who's rocking the title of Queen in the Italian wine scene? Barbaresco! This Top-notch Piedmont beauty not only impresses but is alsoincredibly approachable. It's like having the best of both worlds.

Vite Colte Winery is one of the biggest cooperatives in Piedmont and a global standout. Originally called "Terre da Vino," it was revamped to "Vite Colte" in 2016 to make a splash in the wine world. With 180 skilled growers and 300 hectares of vineyards, it's a force in Barolo and beyond. Scrimaglio is their boutique winery within a winery that benefits from the newly constructed modern facility.

What sets them apart? Terrific terroir, savvy members, and cutting-edge science mean they produce top-quality wines.

Ready to take your wine tasting to the next level?

This sample includes:

  • 1 bottle of 2019 Scrimaglio Barolo DOCG
  • 1 bottle of 2020 Scrimaglio Barbaresco