One of the Very Best Paso Robles Wines: 2020 CaliPaso Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles

Who remembers Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out video game from the 80’s!? Jamming your fingers on the controller, A, B, A, B, KNOCKOUT! This is exactly what we have today. A KNOCKOUT. We’ve tasted 100’s of Paso Robles Cabs over the last two weeks, and here is our overwhelming winner. 

You've heard the buzz about Austin Hope; they have great grocery distribution. We were crazy enough to run down to Costco to acquire a bottle (set us back $50!!) Indeed, Austin Hope's wines shine bright in Paso Robles, but guess what? They're not the only stars in the sky. Get ready because we've done our homework. (Yeah, yeah, we're proud wine geeks! 🤓)

If you're new to BHW or just curious about how we roll, here's the deal: We're all about wine, through and through. We uncover some fantastic, under-the-radar winemakers crafting superb wines at prices that will drop your jaw.

And that's precisely what we've got for you today. Introducing the 2020 CaliPaso Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles. But let's be real, it might as well be called "one of the very best Paso Robles wines we've ever tasted!" For all you loyal Austin Hope fans, once you savor Calipaso, you won't want to turn back! This wine IS NOT a coconutty oak bomb but rather a refined, well-balanced wine that over-delivers for the price.

Just a few miles from Austin Hope and Daou, CaliPaso is where passion, tradition, and 40-year-old vines come together to create something extraordinary. With renowned winemaker Alan Kinne at the helm and the talented Enrique by his side, the 2020 CaliPaso Cabernet Sauvignon is a masterpiece that captures the essence of Paso Robles' terroir and the spirit of the Central Coast.

You can expect a delightful explosion of flavors with this wine, featuring vibrant notes of ripe blackberry, red raspberry, plum, dark chocolate, and earthy spices. It's carefully aged for 18 months in a combination of new and used French oak barrels, resulting in a smooth, velvety finish that lingers like a cherished memory. Whether you're firing up the grill, cooking a hearty pasta, or simply craving a glass of pure pleasure, this Cabernet Sauvignon is your perfect companion.

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