Owned by Quintessa Winery's Same Proprietors: 2019 St. Clement Johanna Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Big news from our wine vaults - we have an exclusive release that's too good to miss! Introducing the one and only 2019 St. Clement Johanna Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. You may have heard of St. Clement before, but unless you traveled to the winery tasting room, you’ve not had this Cab before. The wine is a true masterpiece from a historic California estate. One of the first “CULT” status wineries dating back to the 1800’s, and gaining popularity with Orropas in the 90’s!!

🌟 Award Alert! 97 Point vintage by Wine Spectator🌟

St. Clement Vineyards has a century-long winemaking history and carefully crafted this exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2019 vintage is a true gem of Sonoma. 

And we completely get why the high scores were given to the vintage! This wine is smooth. It’s rich. It’s bold. It’s everything you want from a Napa Cabernet; it’s the fun friend value version. Basically, it’s a great anytime wine to have on hand!!

Why Get a St. Clement Johanna Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon?

➡️  Grapes from diverse microclimates, capturing Knights Valley's essence.

➡️  Exceptional 97-point vintage rating by Wine Spectator.

➡️  Aged for about 18 months in oak barrels for optimal richness.

➡️  You can expect a harmonious blend of luscious blackcurrant to velvety dark cherry, a true expression of excellence.

➡️ Available Exclusively at BHW! We deliver CA wine country straight to your tables.

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