2021 Blancjat Glera IGT Venezia Giulia Frizzante Unfiltered Prosecco

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  • Ancestral Winemaking Method
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About the Wine 

Col Fondo is a frizzante (slightly sparkling) wine that’s produced with the “ancestral method”, a method that ages the wine sui leviti (on the lees). The wine is refermented in the bottle, so there isn’t a secondary fermentation in the tank. These wines tend to be unfiltered and express sourdough characteristics, think of it as Pét Nat.

The result of Col Fondo, in James Suckling’s words, is “a cloudy and creamy, dry petillant style that offers exotic complexity.”

Lea Winery was born from an ambitious idea: To become the largest producer of natural wines in Italy. The estate is accomplishing this goal, and today, they’re not only one of the largest natural wineries in the country but have also achieved the highest quality in their wines, which are accompanied by numerous accolades and several 90+ awards. 

Blancjat is one of the most distinctive brands of Lea Winery, this estate is the family’s dream to restore an old and big property called Cas Bianca. The winery covers almost 326 acres planted with white grapes like Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Glera, Chardonnay, and Friulano, and the vineyard is located in the Friuli Grave appellation, stretching from the Alps to the Adriatic sea, primarily around the plains of the River Tagliamento. The landscape, the terroir, the weather, and the winery itself it's out of this world, and the perfect place to grow vines and produce wines, the vineyard is sheltered by mountains, with a climate influenced by its proximity to the sea, and pebbly, alluvial soils with significant sandy, stony deposits.

Blancjat’s approach is simple, sustainably it’s at the center of every operation. They declare, “we believe in healthy soils, in natural goodness, in renewable energy. We believe in everyone’s right to quality, in facts over words.”

The winery is 100% sustainable, from the vineyard to the cellar. In the vineyard, they’re certified with the SQNPI (Integrated Crop Management National Quality System) which guarantees that the vineyard is controlled with organic practices and low environmental impact.

The cellar is equipped with modern, state-of-the-art technology and the same sustainability and high-quality principles that go to the vineyard apply here. Some practices are the extremely reduced addition of sulfites, and quality control assured by using the latest technology for product traceability.

Blancjat is a BHW direct import. We have the lowest price anywhere!

Tasting Notes: 100% Glera. Pale straw yellow, naturally veiled. At the nose, fragrant scents of rennet apple and pear with a light hint of acacia flowers. On the palate, silky tanginess with excellent acidity. Pair this wine with any day that ends in "y." It's that flexible, delicious and celebratory.


~91 Luca Maroni, I Miglori Vini Italiani, Italy's Best Wines Guide 2022

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