Erik Banti Spineto Rosé Brut

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About the Wine

Picture the early 1800s, a time when Morellino di Scansano, a charming Italian wine region in southern Tuscany, caught the eye of even the Napoleonic army. As malaria plagued the coasts, Scansano (perched at 500 meters above sea level) remained untouched by the disease. Over time, though, the region faded from the limelight as its neighbors took the spotlight.

Years later, Erik Banti stepped onto the scene as a pioneering figure. With a mission to revive and modernize the region, he became a driving force in restoring Scansano's prominence. Erik Banti's innovative spirit seamlessly blended modern techniques with cherished traditions, setting a new standard.

Erik's journey is marked by challenges and triumphs. A significant milestone arrived in 1981 when the first cork was placed in a bottle of Morellino. This was a turning point that shifted Morellino from large containers to enthusiasts' glasses, garnering recognition and awards that spoke volumes.

At the heart of this story lies Spineto Rosé Brut, a sparkling wine that captures the essence of the sea's influence and mountain rains. The Sangiovese grape, locally known as "Morellino", takes the lead, constituting 80% of the vineyards.

Erik Banti's commitment to natural ripening is evident in the vineyards. Rejecting artificial irrigation, the grapes are nurtured to maintain their integrity. Manual harvesting ensures the essence of the fruit is preserved. Every step, from fermentation to bottling, is meticulously executed, capturing the legacy of Erik Banti.

Fermentation: With the skins for only 12 hours and then “on white” under thermo-controlled temperature for another 10 days.      

Tasting Notes: 100% Sangiovese. Pouring a luminous, soft pink, this wine boasts a delicate, persistent sparkle. The aroma is a captivating blend of roses, white flowers, and tropical fruits, harmonizing beautifully with its vibrant acidity. The experience culminates in a velvety, yet refreshingly crisp finish. 

Perfect for starting off a meal, this wine also goes well with substantial dishes like seafood pasta with clams, fish courses, white meats such as chicken, and fresh cheeses like ricotta or mozzarella. Best served at 44°F.


100% Sangiovese. Light and bright rosé colour, abundant and fast perlage. Fragrant and fruity aromas, with notes of currants, bread crust and light pink grapefruit. Agile, lively, dynamic, savory, medium-bodied and very pleasant flavour drinkability. ~90 Daniele Cernilli, "La Guida Essenziale dei vini Italiani”

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