Over 100 Years of Winemaking Experience: 2018 Stefano Accordini Acinatico Amarone della Valpolicella Classico

Imagine buying Google back when it IPO’d! If we could go back in time, the question would be not if I buy GOOGL but how much of it could I afford. Today’s wine is kind of like that and it’s why we love what we do—unearthing rising stars at “direct-to-your-door” prices.

Picture the "mighty Amarone," hailed as the "KING of the Veneto" by wine critic Robert Parker. I bet it recalls famous producers like Dal Forno and Quintarelli, which can often cost a pretty penny, going well beyond $300 per bottle, depending on the year.

But here's where it gets exciting: You can now indulge in an equally exquisite Amarone experience that won't drain your wallet—introducing the 2018 Stefano Accordini Acinatico Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, available today from $70 to less than $55 + Free Shipping when you order 6 or more!

This is your holiday must-have—a chance to taste top-tier quality and prestige as Dal Forno and Quintarelli, but at a price that leaves room for the extra treats on your holiday table.

With over a century of winemaking mastery under their belts, the Accordini brothers, Tiziano and Daniele, have taken their family's legacy and turned it into liquid gold, all while keeping prices that'll put a big smile on your face 😊. Their wines capture the very soul of this enchanting region.

Now, let's dive into their star creation—the 2018 Amarone. A carefully chosen selection of Valpolicella grapes, aged for two years in oak barrels and tonneaux, resulting in a wine that's a masterpiece of complexity, elegance, and velvety allure.

Don't let this amazing deal slip through your fingers!

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