2018 àMaurice Cellars Boushey Vineyard Syrah Yakima Valley Washington

Did you know some of the best Syrah's in the world are produced in the Evergreen State? That's Washington for those unfamiliar with the Pacific Northwest. Washington winemakers are taking Syrah to new heights. Will you be along for the ride? 
One of the brightest young stars leading Washington's Syrah revolution is Anna Schafer of àMaurice Cellars. You can be a part of this revolution when you pick up the 2018 àMaurice Cellars Boushey Vineyard Syrah from Yakima Valley in Washington
Anna Schafer's talents are on full display at àMaurice Cellars, controlling every aspect of the vineyard and winery. Anna is the only woman and youngest winemaker to be recognized as "Top New Winemaker" by Seattle Magazine.
She has sharpened her winemaking skills in both hemispheres and even worked in the Szechwan province of China learning about Tibetan barley wine. I don't know what they taught her in China but she's now making some impressive wines in Yakima Valley and Walla Walla.
Enough about Anna let me tell you about this Estate. In 2020, àMaurice Cellars was named one of Wine & Spirits Magazine's top 100 wineries. Do you know why it received this accolade? Because of Anna and her critically acclaimed wines. I guess we weren't done talking about this generational talent.
Winemaking talent like this doesn't come along very often. Anna is like a young LeBron James or Leonardo DiCaprio bursting onto the scenes and turning heads with her impressive body of work. If you don't want to be sitting at home watching it unfold before your eyes, buy a ticket (or six) and experience her performance in person. The price of admission is below.