5 Centuries of Winemaking Experience: 2018 Conti Zecca Negroamaro 'Liranu

How beloved is the Negroamaro grape in its native region? So beloved that an Italian rock band—one with several #1 albums in Italy—named itself after the grape. If we’re not mistaken, there are no American rock bands named Cabernet Sauvignon, and look how much we love Cab Sauv here in the U.S.If you want to know why the Italians adore Negroamaro so much, today’s your day.

The97 point 2018 Conti Zecca Negroamaro 'Liranu" Reserve is the right wine to convince you this wine should have a little rockstar status. The grape is known as Italy’s “dark beauty” because of its dark skin and the deep hue of the wine it produces, one that gets deeper as it ages.

The Zecca family, withroots that go back to 1580 in the region, played a major role in developing the Puglian wine region. Their contributions were so significant that Pope Leone LEO XIII granted the title of Count to Giuseppe Zecca in 1884.  

Giuseppe’s son founded the Conti Zecca winery, starting first with garage wine, and eventually building a state of the art (for 1935) facility called Conti Zecca. Today, the winery is led by brothers Alcibiade, Francesco, Luciano and Mario, and for more than 5 centuries, Zecca’s family goal has remain the same: “To serve as faithful guardians and sensitive interpreters of the spirit of the place, an intriguing web of nature, history and culture of the land, which gives each of the company’s wine an unparalleled uniqueness.” 

They are faithful guardians to four estates that grow 790 acres of native grapes like Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia Nera and Bianca plus some international varieties. They farm those vineyards usingsustainable viticulture

Conti Zecca has had centuries to learn how to coax the best out of the native grapes, and it clearly shows in this wine that Italian wine expert Luca Maroni gave 97 points inI Migliori Vini Italiani, Italy’s Best Wines 2022. Liranu is100% Negroamaro with aromas of berries, cherries and strawberries. Its palate is rich, intense, and well-structured. This is a harmonious, strong—but elegant—wine.

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