2018 Dolianova

This life is for adventurers, for the people that are eager to discover the world, to travel to new places, to taste new things, and more specifically, new wines.

Dolianova took the words “rare”, “exotic” and “alluring” and brought them to a whole new level, the result is today’s offer: 2018 Dolianova "Anzenas" Cannonau di Sardegna.

Two of the most exotic features of this wine is the place and the grapes, let me explain myself:

This amazing winery is located in Sardinia, because yeah, what can be more exotic than this paradisiacal Italian island? Dolianova has managed to develop and improve the wine industry in Sardinia with this powerful mantra: "Love for the land, passion for the vineyards, and commitment to always improve with the aim of producing superior quality wine."

Cannonau di Sardegna is the name of the appellation where this wine is produced, but it is also the local name for Grenache. I know that you’re probably thinking “What’s exotic about Grenache?” Well, this is not just any Grenache, this is an Italian Grenache, Decanter Magazine can explain this better: “Despite original research linking the origins of Cannonau to the region of Aragon in northern Spain and arriving on Sardinia by the Aragonese when they conquered the island in the early 14th century, it is now thought that the grape variety may well have originated on Sardinia itself.

This 93-pt wine was the most pleasant (and delicious) surprise that I’ve had in a while. This long, intense, and flavorful wine is ready to be drunk, but if you have enough patience, you can keep it in your cellar for a couple of years and I can assure you that it will only get better!