Deep & Rich: 2018 SalvaTerra Antica Vigna Riposato Veneto Rosso

We have your go-to, weeknight wine right here. The one you’ll open and sip on while you’re cooking because it’s drinkable on its own. But also the one you’ll then place on the table for dinner because it’s equally as food-friendly.

Tenute SalvaTerra is in the heart of Valpolicella, located in Northern Italy’s Veneto where grapes thrive. Part of Villa Giona, a late 15th-century estate, the winery produces traditional wines for the region -Amarone, Valpolicella, Prosecco. Fine wines with a sense of place and history.

Antica Vigna Riposato is a smaller production label for the winery, made with the same care and winemaking craftsmanship as the SalvaTerra label wines. Antica Vigna wines are quality with a weeknight price. How weeknight? How does $18.99 sound? That’s 58% off its usual price of $45! You really can drink this wine every night of the week without breaking the bank.

The Riposato Vento Rosso is a blend of Corvina, Rondinella, and Corvinone, three red grapes commonly grown in the Veneto and frequently blended together. For this wine, some of the grapes were fresh and some were dried, and the combination of the two creates a wine with great depth of character.

This Rosso–with cherry, wildberries, and a touch of spice along with deep rich notes on the palate and a long-lasting finish–will be there for you when you’re throwing together a quick pasta dinner on a weeknight, crafting a Friday night grazing board to pick on while watching a movie on the couch, or preparing exquisite lamb chops for a Saturday evening feast. It’s priced for a weeknight, but its quality says, “I’m perfect for the weekend, too!”

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