98 Points: 2021 Bollina Narses Aglianico Campania

If I’d ask you to tell me what’s the most delicious comfort food you could think of, I bet that pizza will immediately come to your mind. It’s the best whole meal in your hand ever: meat, cheese, vegetables, and bread in a perfect triangle. Just thinking about that first bite, -when suddenly the tomato sauce combines with the cheese and toppings,- makes our mouths water.

There’s an expression that says, “What grows together, goes together.”I’ve experienced that to be completely true, and today’s offer will prove me right. Straight from Campania, the birthplace of pizza, (and of some of the best value Italian wines!), we’re bringing the ICONIC 98pt2021 Bollina Narses Aglianico Campania, aka the ultimate wine for your pizza (or any tomato-based dish really.)

This 100% Aglianicois rich with blueberry fruit, a touch of herbs, and mocha. Nice and fresh on the palate, with soft tannins. Very little oak on this wine which gives this wine excellent drinkability. If you're looking for an anytime wine, this one is for you!

Italian wine critic, Luca Maroni absolutely loved this wine, so much that he awarded it 98 points and featured it on his “Best Italian Wines" Guide of the year.

This wine is produced by La Bollina, a high-quality estate that haswon the heart (and palate) of this iconic Italian wine critic, who year after year has blessed this winery with impressive reviews.

Andrea Bernardini is the mastermind behind La Bollina’s amazing wines. He is a passionate winemaker who has hit numerous home runs. He earned his chops at Poggio Bonelli and Ruffino in Tuscany and trained in South Africa, Romania and Greece.

This is a fun and unique wine that is produced under the most strict quality regulations but at a price that's almost too good to be true, this is because BHW is the direct and exclusive importer. I’m sure that after you see the price (only $19.99/bottle!) just like wine critic Luca Maroni, you’ll love it too!

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