France's Tangiest, Most Thirst-Quenching White Wines: 2022 Raimbault-Pineau Exception Sancerre

Wine magazines and social media influencers can tell you what they think is hot in fine wine, but do you know who really knows what wine lovers are clamoring for? The wine buyers for quality stores who know what flies off their shelves. 

At an industry tasting recently, one buyer for a boutique wine shop told our group there’s one wine she can’t keep on her store’s shelves—Sancerre. Wine Enthusiast sums up why people adore this Sauvignon Blanc when it explains that bottles from Sancerre are “the epitome of elegant white wines.” 

Domaine Raimbault-Pineau is located in the heart of Sury-enVaux in the Sancerre appellation. It’s been there for over 4 centuries, now helmed by Sonia Raimbault, the family’s 13th-generation winemaker. Hundreds of years of passed-down winegrowing knowledge have given her a deep understanding and love for her land and wines—evident in each bottle of Exception, a dry white that’s rich and round with plenty of fruit in the bouquet and on the palate.

Sancerre is a versatile white. It’s a lovely aperitif. It’s the starting wine you’ll want at cocktail hour around the pool this summer. It also pairs well with seafood (try it with crab cakes—it’ll knock your socks off), goat cheese, and vegetables. 

You’re going to want Sancerre on hand this summer. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the wine store (where the shelves might be empty) to your wine rack full of it. BHW has this tangy, thirst-quenching wine at the Lowest Price Anywhere, and we’re offering it for almost 25% off! All you have to do is click “buy” and this highly sought-after wine will come to you.

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