Iconic 99 Point Vintage  Wine Spectator: 2018 Millworks Pillar & Post Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Let me break it down for you:

➡️ We've got a fantastic 93-point Napa Valley Cabernet.

➡️ It comes from a nearly perfect 99-point vintage.

➡️ And who's behind this masterpiece? None other than the “Steve Jobs of Wine”, the winemaker with a history at Mondavi, Opus One and Simi. Look him up ;).

That's the lowdown on the 2018 Millworks Pillar & Post Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley.

Now, just from that introduction, you might be thinking this wine is going to set you back at least $80-100, right? Well, think again! It's yours for just $25.99. Yes, you read that correctly!

Now, why are we able to offer such an incredible deal?

1st- We value and care about you and would do anything to score an amazing deals for you!

2nd- This wine has a bit of a mystery to it. It was originally meant for a famous steakhouse, but now it's in our hands.

Now what can you expect from this wine:

An inviting and approachable Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of tart cranberry, red cherry, and chocolate shavings. The palate dances with bright red fruits, balanced tannins, and a refreshing touch of acidity.

So, if you're eager to savor the magic that Paul Hobbs (aka the "Steve Jobs of Wine") creates in a 99-point vintage, don't wait.

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