2014 Mazzei Zisola Doppiozeta Nero d'Avola Noto Sicilia

You probably have an image in your head of Sicily—acres and acres (or, as it’s measured in Italy, hectares and hectares) of lush, rolling vineyards with olive groves and lemon orchards dotting most of the landscape that isn’t covered in vines. That image is not wrong. 

Among those vines you’ve imagined is surely Sicily’s native grape, Nero d’Avola. The grape loves Sicily’s heat and so it’s widely planted. When done in stainless steel, it makes a fresh and dark fruity wine. When aged in oak, it becomes more complex, with tannins and flavors that make it fantastic food wine. 

This 2014 Mazzei Zisola Doppiozeta Nero d'Avola Noto Siciliais the latter, spending ​​16 months in 50% New French oak barrels. The wine has the deep purple hue that’s common in Nero d’Avola. As you inhale its red fruits, coffee, clove, leather and smoky notes, you may go back to that image of Sicily in your mind. 

Let us add a few details to that image. Mazzei is located in a ​​Unesco heritage-protected region (meaning it’s been found to have outstanding universal value to humanity) of Noto. The estate’s 124 acres sit among some truly breathtaking scenery.

Now, add to the image in your mind of sitting at a white-clothed table among the vines. You and your amici stretto (close friends) are drinking Mazzei Zisola Doppiozeta Nero d'Avola poured into oversized glasses, paired with a fantastic meal. Maybe lamb. Maybe steak covered in earthy mushrooms. Maybe a red-sauced pasta with local shellfish. Or, maybe, just a simple Sicilian cheese board that definitely includes some aged provolone. The fed fruit and spicy notes plus the creamy tannins in the wine make it a perfect accompaniment to those dishes.A meal you’d never forget, right?

We can’t take you to Sicily, but we can offer you the wine portion of that Sicilian culinary experience at a fantastic price. The 2014 Mazzei Zisola Doppiozeta Nero d'Avola Noto Siciliais over 30% off, and we have it at the lowest price anywhere, just $39.99. Grab yourself a bottle or 6 (we always have free shipping on 6 bottles or more) and plan your perfect Sicilian meal—one you can hopefully enjoy outdoors in a beautiful setting—centered around Doppiozeta, the most important wine of the Mazzei’s estate.

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