2018 Mastroberardino Mastro Greco

  • Perfect Summer Wine!
  • Fresh & Fruity
  • Ideal Wine for Seafood
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About the Wine 

Looking for a perfect summer wine? Look no further!

2018 Mastroberardino Mastro Greco is the perfect wine for the beach, summer pool parties, and the perfect pairing for the fresh food you crave so badly during summertime! 

The surname Mastroberardino is synonymous with wine in Italy. This family is largely responsible for the resurgence of wine culture in the Campania after World War II.

The winemaking history of this family dates back to more than 10 generations, from the 18th century. A story of passion and strength, a story about rebuilding all the damage that war can cause. Antonio Mastroberardino, who was the 9th generation, fought in World War II. He returned to his home in Atripalda to find what would be a nightmare, his family's wine estate destroyed due to the war and all the negative consequences that follow a war. Antonio, devastated by the war and the conditions in which he found the family’s patrimony, decides to give everything, start from scratch and rebuild his legacy. Thanks to his love, passion, and hard work, he managed to restore both the vineyard and the cellar. 

Like the resurgence of his family estate, Antonio achieved the resurgence of some indigenous grapes from this region: Fiano, Greco, and Aglianico. And it managed to position them again as the flagship grapes of Campania.

The large vineyard of Mastroberardino is composed of more than 785 acres. Located in the areas of Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, and Taurasi (all in the province of Irpinia). Irpinia is a paradise, with the Alps mountains as its background, the Mediterranean sea as its neighbor, and a continental climate that allows the wonderful development of the varieties that are planted.

Piero, Antonio's son, is a passionate winegrower and is the current director of the winery. Piero has brought great knowledge to the winery thanks to his research and plantation projects and his passion for continuing to rebuild the family legacy. 

2018 Mastroberardino Mastro Greco comes from Greco Campania IGT. This region is especially exquisite for the production of fruity, fresh, and pleasant white wines.

Tasting Notes: 100% Greco. An intense bouquet of tropical fruit and white flowers. Fresh and fruity on the palate, with lively acidity. This wine pairs lovely with appetizers, seafood, fish and salads. 



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