2010 Simonnet-Febvre 'Vaillons' 1er Cru Chablis

Library Chablis from the largest (and best) premier cru vineyard (Vaillons 1er Cru) born in the transcendent 2010 vintage? Yes, please! If you're not already in line for this Black Friday worthy 2010 Simonnet-Febvre 'Vaillons' 1er Cru from Chablis, it could be gone before you get to check out.
I don't think I need to tell you that Chablis is one of the greatest white wine regions in the world (if not the greatest) but I should tell you about this vineyard's greatness. Vaillons is a world-famous terroir universally seen throughout the wine world as one of Chablis best premier cru vineyards. Vaillons produces wines with great complexity, backbone, and aging potential.
The 2010 Vaillons from Simonnet-Febvre is no different. Well-rounded and charming, the floral and green fruit aromas are supported by fresh minerality on the palate. This perfect aged Chablis is a beautiful compromise between acidity and fruit.
The 2010 vintage in Chablis was one to remember. It was one of the most successful harvests over the last three decades. Wine Enthusiast gave the 2010 Chablis vintage a 96 point score, the highest mark Chablis has received from the publication in three decades.
This bad boy is also over 50% off, so it's light on the pocketbook. Can guess why we have this wine at such a bargain? If you guessed it's because of our team of wine sleuth's, you're 100% correct. With some help from our friends at Louis Latour we purchased this library wine straight from the cellars.
Chablis from this vineyard regularly fetches prices north of $100 per bottle. Imagine if those bottles were perfectly aged and came straight from the producer's cellar? It would take quite a chunk out of your wallet.
But our wine won't. It's $35, perfectly aged, from one of the best vineyards, in one of the best vintages on record. So what are you waiting for? Yes, white wine can age and Chablis is one of the most ageable whites on planet earth. Now is your chance to taste one of the best offerings from this historic region. 
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