2018 Cervantes Cabernet Sauvignon MMXII Napa Valley

Do you like to be ahead of the game?

Cervantes very well could be Napa’s next Cult producer. This winery has the perfect cult recipe combining great wine, great reviews, and a very uncommon terroir. With only three vintages of releases under their belt, this estate is ready to blow up.

Now, one of my favorite ways to taste a new producer's wine is through Horizontals (multiple wines from the same vintage). This tasting method gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast how the different vineyards or blends are showcased by a producer. I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to showcase both the Blacktail Proprietary Red and the Cabernet Sauvignon from the legendary 2018 vintage.

Cervantes has spared no expenses in producing the very best wine that this terroir is capable of. Andy Erickson (former Screaming Eagle, Harlan, and Ovid Winemaker) heads the winemaking team with his go-to right hand Jessica Tarpy. This rockstar team is no stranger to making some of the very best wine in the valley, and they aren’t willing to settle for anything less here at Cervantes.

Whether you just want one or if you want both of these wines, they are built with enough girth for the long haul. If you prefer decadence and pure hedonism in a crystal glass, then open these up now because they are absolutely stunning. Much like the main character of the famed Cervantes novel, (Don Quixote) you would have to be crazy to pass up this rare opportunity.

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