De Saint Gall 'Le Selection' Champagne NV

Bonjour Mes Amis!

I know that I am not the only person that Champagne evokes an excitement out of. Sir Winston Churchill once said“A single glass of Champagne conveys a sense of euphoria. The nerves are reinforced; the imagination stirs; ingenuity becomes more agile; apparently Winston Churchill and I share the same opinion.

Today’s crisp offer is simply fantastiqueDe Saint Gall 'Le Selection' Champagne NV

This is your chance to take home this work of art: A seductive Champagne, crafted with grape from Champagne’s most sought-after terroirs, at the lowest price anywhere! Not every day you get an offer for an extraordinary Champagne at less than $38 a bottle, right?

De Saint Gall 'Le Selection' Champagne NV’s Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are cultivated on Grand Cru and Premier Cru terroirs stretching from the Cotes des Blancs to Montagne de Reims in some of Champagnes loveliest villages.

Champagne de Saint-Gall was born of a shared desire and dedication. Crafted with precision from pristine grapes, the wines of Champagne de Saint-Gall perpetuate a philosophy based on an intimate understanding of the craft of winemaking. Today more than two thousand laborers, winegrowers, winemakers, and enologists from fourteen cooperatives share the same respect for tradition, openness to modern methods, and attachment to authenticity and the quality of their work.

As if Champagne wasn’t perfect by itself, it is also one of the most versatile wines ever
! This wine can be paired with practically any food you love. From oysters to fish; from Mexican to Thai; from comfort food to fine dining; from appetizers to desserts. It goes wonderfully with everything!

Tasting Notes:  Toasted cashews, aromas of dried grapefruit and lemon citrus lead to quite a fresh, dry, and crisp palate with simple, apple and pear flavors. This is the perfect wine for the Holidays!

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