2019 Maison la Berthaude Chateauneuf-du-Pape Tradition

The “New House of the Pope” is no stranger to top-tier wines. The stony soils of this region absorb the warm rays of the sun throughout the day and release that energy back onto the vines in the cool evenings. This added warmth gives the grapes an intense full body that has driven the reputation of these wines for centuries.

Among the producers of this fabled land, there is a family of growers called the Perrins that have been absolutely crushing it for decades. 2019 Maison la Berthaude Chateauneuf-du-Pape Tradition is made by Luc Perrin and it delivers exceptional quality for a very affordable price point.

Finally, the 2019 vintage is still young but the growing conditions were near perfect. From what we can tell, these are exceptional wines that have emerged from the barrels thus far. Getting into a vintage early is always good for the pocketbook before the reviewers get a chance to hype them up, and 2019 feels like a vintage that will be remembered for its greatness.

This is a perfect daily drinker CdP that you need to be taking full advantage of!

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