One of the Most Unique Terroirs in the World: 2021 Marcel et Blanche Fevre-Fevre Chablis

This is Chablis that's straight from the halls of wine royalty: 2021 Marcel et Blanche Fevre-Fevre Chablis, proudly crafted by Nathalie and Gilles Fevre from the prestigious Fevre family lineage.

The Fevre family and "Chablis" are practically synonyms, they’ve been around producing stunning Chablis since 1745, and trust me, these guys know their stuff!

Marcel et Blanche Fevre-Fevre’s vineyards are nestled in all the right places, including the renowned Grand Cru Les Preuses and 1er Cru vineyards like Fourchaume and Mont de Milieu.  Their state-of-the-art, gravity-flow winery produces top-flight Chablis with racing acidity, immense depth, and texture. This is the beauty of the Fevre family's most underrated family members, a family affair fueled by passion, dedication, and an abundance of love for the art of winemaking.

Now, if you’re a Chablis lover, you know this region has one of the most coveted and unique terroirs in the world, making Chablis wines something truly special. The ancient soil (around 180 million years old) called Kimmeridgian, is a blend of clay, limestone, and fossilized oyster shells, providing incredible structure and mouthwatering salinity to the wines.

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