2013 Bertani Secco-Bertani Ripasso Valpolicella

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  • Historical Dry-Ripasso
  • 1st Ever Wine From the Bertani Estate
  • World-Renowned
  • 150+ Years of Wine Production!
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    About the wine

    Bertani's Secco-Bertani Valpolicella is made in the old dry-Ripasso style rather than today's sweet and riper style. The 2013 Secco Ripasso is the first wine ever produced by the historic Bertani Estate. This wine is an ode to the history of Italian winemaking and the legacy of the world-renowned Bertani Estate. Taste the historical reverence displayed in classical Italian winemaking from one of the countries finest estates.

    Bertani’s impact on Veneto wine making, particularly in Amarone production, is so considerable that ‘Bertani’ and ‘Amarone’ are nearly synonymous. Their 150+ year history is dotted with groundbreaking initiatives and royal accreditation. While respectful of their past, Bertani strives towards innovation. With their progressive technique, extensive experience, and deep respect for the tradition they provide wines of uncompromising quality time after time. 

    The grapes come from vineyards in the hills surrounding the historic winery in Grezzana. The Valpantena valley is covered with marble-calcareous soil containing large quantities of iron, which impart unique, spicy mineral flavors to the grapes. As an icon of Italian wine, Bertani combines the typicity of native grape varieties with continuous improvement in the vineyards and attention to the terroir to create these award-winning wines. Today the winery has a focus on traditional winemaking techniques, with minimal intervention in the cellar the wines are able to hone in on the pure expression of the fruit.

    Aging: 18 months in the traditional 750-liter “Veronese casks" and includes some Cherry wood casks.

    Tasting Notes: 80% Corvina, 10% Sangiovese Grosso, 5% Syrah, 5% Cabernet-Sauvignon. Hints of red currants, blackberries, and cocoa powder on the nose, together with spicy notes of black pepper, cloves, and nutmeg. On the palate, a pleasant flavor of red fruit, sour cherries, concentrated cherry, and black tea, followed by fine, powdery tannins with a coffee bean finish. It is a plush wine with good weight and the typical complexity of mature vineyards, though still young and vibrant. Combining drinkability with complexity, this wine goes so well with food that it can be paired with several dishes to bring out its convivial value.


    Lovely aromas of freshly cut herbs, raspberry cheesecake, crushed stones and citrus. Medium body, fine and polished tannins and a fresh, mineral finish with cherry-compote flavors to close. 80 per cent corvina and 20 per cent cabernet. Drink now.~91JS (v. 2015)

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