2016 Hilberg Pasquero Vareij Vino da Tavola Piemonte Rosso

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  • Aromatic Beauty
  • One of the coolest blends anywhere
  • Family-Run Since 1915
  • Biodynamic & Sustainable
  • Small Production, High Quality

About The Wine

This wine must be tasted to be appreciated and believed! It's a true wonder. Brachetto is a grape most frequently produced in Acqui as the red, sparkling, semi-sweet wine akin to Moscato d'Asti. Here, it is fermented dry and blended with Barbera, which is Hilberg's specialty. Serve this wine lightly chilled.

The small Roero estate of Annette Hilberg and Michele Pasquero is one of my favorite sources for pure, hand-crafted wines that highlight the unique qualities of this terroir. The great grandfather of Michele Pasquero, current co-owner of the Hilberg-Pasquero estate, began producing wines in the family name in 1915. Today, Michele continues his family’s tradition of excellence, undoubtedly proving himself one of the industry’s rising stars. His diverse interests include biodynamic farming and innovative cultivation techniques. Expert use of his estate’s varied soil types has allowed him to produce some of the best wines to come from Piedmont in recent years.

Aging: 12 months in stainless steel tanks

Tasting Notes:Red Wine. 75% Brachetto, 25% Barbera. The wine showcases a ruby red color. On the nose, a fresh bouquet of roses, geraniums, cloves, and strawberries climbs into the nostrils. The nose here is alluring and unbelievable! The palate is silky and fresh on entry with long finish. Silky and and fresh in the entry, the body is dry and with long persistence, with a hint of bitterness that improves drinkability not a sweet wine, but a caressing approach that makes it easy to understand. Rocky and Jazzy, let Vareji surprise you!


Consistent ratings of Quattro Grappoli and due bicchieri from Gambero Rosso.

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