2018 Chateau de Pont Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

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About the Wine

Would you like to drink a wine from the region that has not only produces stunning white wines but is home to some of the renowned French playwrights and philosophers? Try the Château de Pont is located in Touraine, within the Loire Valley, better known as "the Garden of France" and discover why this beautiful cradle produces beauty around every corner!

Touraine is a prosperous wine-growing and AOC region where white wines rule the roost, with about 59% of production and the main grape is Sauvignon Blanc. This region located 225 km from the Atlantic Ocean, has a spectacular maritime and continental climate. By the way, if you prefer hot weather, you have to visit this place, it is known for its hot summers!

The Loire Valley is known for its Tuffeau soils, a fine-grained limestone. In fact, most of the renowned and visited castles in this valley are built with this stone. Château de Pont is a dream come true, built in the 19th century, they follow a traditional winemaking style and is one of the main references from the Touraine appellation.

Tasting Notes: White Wine. 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Pale golden color. Powerful bouquet with nuances of grapefruit and blackcurrant buds. The wine is round, well-balanced, and attractively fresh on the palate. Long and powerful aftertaste with sweet citrus overtones. Best paired with fish, white meat, and goat cheese.



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