2018 La Perlière Chablis

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  • Mineral Driven Chardonnay
  • 96 Point Vintage, Wine Enthusiast
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About the Wine

Most wine collectors and sommeliers will tell you that the wines of Chablis are among some of the most highly sought after wines in all of Burgundy. Chablis is known for producing a high-quality, mineral-driven, unoaked Chardonnay with exceptional acidity. The wines are frequently referenced as a pure unaltered expression of Chardonnay. The mineral-driven soils allow a bright and clean expression of Chardonnay feature lemon rind, green apple, pear, an unmistakable minerality, with racing acidity. The 2018 La Perlière Chablis is the quintessential expression of this historic and highly sought after region!

Chablis is the northernmost sub-appellation in France's Burgundy. Although it is recognized as being apart of the Burgundy Chablis lies within closer proximity to Champagne than the rest of Burgundy. The mineral-rich Kimmeridgian clay & limestone soils give way to mineral-rich wines that are born from these soils. The source of the minerality comes from the ancient marine fossils that once lived in a thriving underwater ecosystem. The wines of Chablis are unlike any other. They are the purest expression of Chardonnay and have a style that is unique to the region. It's time to get familiar with these extraordinary expressions of Chardonnay. 

Francois Martenot produces this wine from grapes grown by a small and quality-minded group of vineyards in Chablis. Only a tiny amount is imported and BHW scored the last few cases at an incredible price.

Tasting Notes: White Wine. 100% Chardonnay. The 2018 La Perlière is taut and lean like a ballet dancer. The wine glides into the mouth and creates a lip smacking that makes you want to eat and drink more. This is what great Chardonnay does. It beckons oysters Rockefeller and Brillat-Savarin brie with smoked salmon. It's the classiest Chardonnay created for elegant people, like you.



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