2020 Giacomo Bologna Braida Serra dei Fiori 'La Regina' Nascetta Langhe

  • “The White Barolo”
  • Exceptionally Age-Worthy Italian White
  • Recently Revived Elegant Italian Grape 
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About the Wine

What a great time to be an Italian wine lover. There are the tried and true Italian wines that we’ll never stop loving. Plus, many native grapes that have been all but abandoned are now making their way back into the bottles produced in the regions where they grow best. Winemakers get to work with varieties that thrive in the local soils, and wine drinkers get to discover new, enticing wines. 

Nascetta is one of those native Italian grapes that’s been brought back to life. It was almost lost to extinction not because it didn’t make excellent wines, but because it produced uneven yields.

In the 1990s, Nascetta was nurtured back to health because it produces elegant, exceptionally age-worthy, white wines. Modern viticulture practices allow for more uniform vintage yields, and the grape can now be found in the vineyards of Novello, a tiny hill-top village in Barolo. While the famous Barolo red isn’t in danger of being ousted by the recently revived white wine grape, Nascetta is sometimes referred to as “the white Barolo.” 

Nascetta ages incredibly well and often hit its stride from 2-6 years after harvest.

We’re excited to bring you the opportunity to experience this truly sensational wine. La Regina is born from Nascetta grapes planted in 1990 in the chalky-clay soils of Tentua Serra dei Fiori. These grapes make a dry white that’s fantastic as an aperitif or an ideal pairing for raw fish, white meats, and fresh cheeses.

Tasting Notes: 100% Nascetta. Full of citrus, apple, pear, acacia blossom, and fresh vegetable notes. Exotic tropical fruit, hay, straw, and grapefruit on the palate. Crisp with a long citrus finish. Gains a mineral note as it ages.



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