2020 Sella e Mosca Monteoro Vermentino Gallura DOCG

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  • "It’s Full & Flavorful" ~92 James Suckling
  • Second Largest Estate on the Island & One of the Largest in Europe
  • One of the Oldest Winemaking Regions in the World
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About the Wine

Sardinia is unique. This amazing Italian island, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is home to some of the rarest wines in the country. Wine Spectator said that this island has everything it needs to produce great wines.” And that it offers a chance to dive into a little-known wine region that's really starting to shine.” 

This island has some of the Mediterranean's most ancient winemaking histories. Winemaking is in the blood of the Sardinian people. We aren’t joking around - winemaking dates to 1200 B.C. on this island, making it a floating artifact of wine history. Sardinia produces outstanding wines that keep all wine lovers on their toes with their mysterious origins and delicious character.

Learn more about the magica of Sardinia by clicking HERE.

Sella & Mosca was founded by Mr.Sella and Mr. Mosca when they arrived in this region and immediately fell in love. Today, this winery is one of the highest renowned and biggest estates on the whole island.

Sella e Mosca’s huge 1,600-acre vineyards -the second largest estate on the island, and one of the largest in Europe,- are located in some of the top appellations on the island, and they’re planted with local grapes like Vermentino, Torbato, and Cannonau, and international grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sardinia’s most famous white grape is Vermentino. This grape is behind Sardinia’s only DOCG, Vermentino di Gallura. With Vermentino’s bright acidity, Gallura’s incredible mineral-rich granite soils, and the Mediterranean breezes, it is a gifted white wine that is utterly refreshing. Vermentino is technically not a local variety. No one knows where Vermentino comes from. But, it’s safe to say that this grape traveled from the Italian region of Liguria, perhaps brought by sailors, on a thirsty voyage to the island.

Sella e Mosca Vermentino di Gallura’s vineyard is placed on the slopes, facing south of Mount Limbara. The combination of soils, which are composed of broken-down granitic rubble, and the beautiful weather, with an enormous differentiation between day and night, delivers extraordinarily expressive wines, with fresh acidity and fun to drink!

Tasting Notes: 100% Vermentino. This exciting white wine is extraordinarily expressive, fresh, and delicious. Rich in fruited notes, it smoothly progresses to hints of potherbs and berries, flowers and shrubs. In the mouth, it begins smoothly but with considerable complexity, enlivened by a brilliant acidity that gives it depth and extension. The Mediterranean character is always present and marine notes underlie the taste.


This is spicy and flavorful with dried-apple and lemon-rind character. It’s full and flavorful. Very dry with a slightly salty undertone. Drink or hold. ~92 James Suckling.

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