2021 Federici Roma Rosso

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  • 99 Point Roma Rosso, One of The Best Wines of the Year by LM
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About the Wine

Wine, much like the language of music, can transcend time and place, capturing the essence of its origins and resonating with those who savor it. Federici Roma is a testament to this power, weaving the very soul of Rome into a harmonious and enchanting elixir. 

Federici Roma is more than just a wine, it is a celebration of the city from which it hails. It's a liquid homage to the Eternal City, a tribute to its rich history, and a love letter to its indomitable spirit. This is a wine that will captivate both novices and experts alike, a harmonious blend of flavors that is as timeless as the city it represents.

In this wine, one finds the essence of Rome, the passion and vitality of a city that has endured for centuries. This is a wine that, like the Eternal City itself, will linger long in the memory, a reminder of the power and beauty of the world's most enduring art forms.

The story of Federici winery dates to 1960, with the dream of Antonio Federici to produce wines for the Italian people, who after all the damage of World War II, were finally ready to return to the good old days. It was some years later, in 2001, that the family decided to plant their own vineyards and produce their popular wines with their own fruit. Today, the family-owned winery is managed by Antonio and his 3 sons.

The vineyard is planted with native grapes like Trebbiano, Malvasia del Lazio, Malvasia Puntinata, and Grechetto, as well as some international varieties and its managed under sustainable practices.

Antonio Federici is the engine, heart, and mind of the company. He says, “We like to think that in every sip, you can savor the winemaking tradition of the Eternal City, with all its infinite and enchanting characteristics. The family is the special ingredient of our wines, they’re the result of family union and hard work.”

Aging: 7 months in steel.

Tasting Notes: 60% Montepulciano, 40% Cesanese. The Roma Rosso is an aria of ripe red cherries, laced with hints of rose petals and crushed raspberries. The wine's bouquet is reminiscent of a Roman garden in full bloom, with its heady perfume of flowers and sun-warmed fruit. As it opens in the glass, the wine reveals subtle notes of black pepper and wild herbs, evoking images of the verdant countryside that surrounds the Eternal City.


 ~99 Luca Maroni, Yearbook of " The Best Italian Wines" Luca Maroni. 

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