Mulassano Bitter Red Liqueur Aperitivo

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About the Wine

Mulassano Bitter is a red aperitif produced in Bordiga, obtained only from high quality prime materials. The distillates and infusions used are all strictly produced in the distillery exclusively through maceration of the botanicals in pure grain alcohol without ultrasounds or centrifuges for essential oil extraction. Filtration takes place with natural processes and with the use of natural paper filters. Among the spices and botanicals used we find Genziana lutea, Genziana Acaulis, Artemisia pontica, China calissaia, angelica and many others.

HOW I DRINK IT: To be used in all classic cocktails that require a red bitter, such as Americano, Negroni, Boulevardier, Jungle Bird, Spritz, or Milano -Torino.

Mulassano Bitter was developed exclusively for Velier by reducing the original quantities of sugar and raising the alcohol content to 25 ° ABV to ensure greater structure when used in mixology. Gentian lutea, typical of the Alps, and cassia contribute to the bitter component, while the aromatic one is ensured by the Sicilian orange distillate and the infusion of the peels of the same oranges.

The Mulassano Cafè has been an exclusive hangout for the notables of the Royal House and the artists from the nearby Teatro Regio. Over the years it has become a meeting place for well-regarded directors, actors, singers, and intellectuals alike. It was the love of the cafes' house Vermouth that attracted a variety of customers and local celebrities. Although relatively new to the international market, those native to Northern Italy have known about the greatness of Mulassano for years!



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