NV Martellotto Semi-Secco Bianco Vermouth 750ml

The base wine is a late harvest Sauvignon Blanc from Happy Canyon. Then, I imbue a proprietary blend of botanicals, herbs, citrus rinds, and cinchona in high proof grape distilled spirit. After numerous, methodical blending trials, I chose Lot 17.

You can drink the Martellotto off-dry white, herbal wine on the rocks with a twist of lemon. You can substitute this vermouth for any vermouth in your favorite cocktail recipe. Or, you can top off the Martellotto vermouth with a touch of soda water to make a thirst-quenching spritz.

The Martellotto Semi-Secco Bianco loves salty snacks, so pair it with olives, nuts, dried cheese and crackers or fresh seafood.

I think Americans are just beginning to appreciate the joys of vermouth. As an added bonus, this wine will stay in your refrigerator for at least three months after opening since it underwent a partial oxidation during production.

This lot was only 50 cases. If you're lucky enough to get a bottle, I hope you'll send me your feedback. Stay tuned for future vermouths.