99 Point Tuscan Cabernet Dream: 2018 Corte Medicea Eklektos Super Tuscan

The history of the SuperTuscan category is now legendary: A group of anarchistic and revolutionary winemakers who were very frustrated with Italy’s extremely traditional ways of producing wine decided to change the game and started to produce modern style and experiment with blends that didn’t fit the Italian regulations.

Here’s a toast to these amazing rebels, because without them,  wine lovers wouldn’t have had the opportunity to taste some of the most wonderful wines that Italy has ever produced, including today’s outstanding offer, the 99-point Super Tuscan 2018 Corte Medicea Eklektos.

Eklektos is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon that embraces the modern style of winemaking as 10% of the grapes are harvested late in order to obtain the rich, sweet blueberry fruit that defines many Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. People who love the wines of Orin Swift and Caymus will find an Italian friend here.

Legendary wine critic, Luca Maroni, blessed this EPIC wine with anear-perfect99-point score and named it one of “The best Italian Red Wines” of the vintage. Cheers to that!

Produced by Corte Medicea, a winery located south of Tuscany, where the vineyards are situated on picturesque rolling hills with clayey loam soils. Andrea Bernardini is the mastermind behind these amazing wines. He is a passionate winemaker who has hit numerous home runs. He earned his chops at Poggio Bonelli and Ruffino in Tuscany and trained in South Africa, Romania and Greece.

This is a unique and exclusive BHW Import: A 99-point delicious Super Tuscan, born in a beautiful 94-point vintage, produced by an emblematic winery, and for only $38.99/bottle + free shipping on 6 or more bottles. This is what we call a GREAT DEAL!

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