I'm positive that today's offer will blow your mind. It comes from a top single vineyard in Santa Barbara, and was born in what appears to be "one of the best vintages in Santa Barbara County."

Please meet the 2020 M by Martellotto Grenache Santa Barbara County. A very special wine, crafted by BHW's owner, Greg Martellotto.

The grapes of this fresh and fruity 100% Grenache, are carefully sourced from Portico Hills Vineyards, located north of the town of Los Alamos, a terroir set in sandy loam soils with some limestone traces. This vineyard is placed in an area, warmer than Santa Maria but Cooler than Santa Ynez, which provides optimal conditions for the long growing season that Grenache needs in order to ripen gently and delicately.

Greg Martellotto is the mastermind behind this fantastic and fun wine. He's a talented winemaker with international experience and more than 20 years in the wine industry. Thanks to his long trajectory and expertise, he has developed an elevated palate and a high-level knowledge of wine. 

Martellotto Winery's main goal is to produce luscious wines from unique vineyards in California, combining creative fermentation techniques with artistic blending before bottling.

This Grenache shows bright raspberry and cassis fruit with a touch of herbal nuances and hints of pencil shavings and orange peel. It is deep and complex on the palate.

To elevate the tasting experience, chill the wine for 20 minutes before opening, and pair it with a lamb burger, chicken thighs with lentils, or any food from the BBQ.

There's the deal: A fun and vibrant single vineyard Grenache, born in one of the best vintages in Santa Barbara from the past years, at$36.99 a bottle and the best price you'll find anywhere! Don't forget to get free shipping on 6 or more bottles.

If you consider yourself a Grenache aficionado or wine adventurer this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy this bright, fruity wine. 

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