2015 Poggi Castaldi Amarone Della Valpolicella

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  • Perfect Full-Bodied Holiday Red
  • Food Friendly, Perfect for a Hearty Meal
  • Estate Produced Amarone
  • Thanksgiving Delight 
  • Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles

About the Wine

The Veneto region, which is settled in the north-east of Italy, has been home to renowned wines since the ancient Greeks ruled Europe. It cradles the ever-enchanting land of Valpolicella, home of Amarone production, and is the intersection of hearty Italian foods and full-bodied wines. It's time to elevate your holiday gatherings this year by treating your guests to this exquisite, food-friendly Amarone! Act fast because our 60 bottle allocation won't last long.

Poggi Castaldi puts their mastery of Amarone on display, sourcing fruit from the mineral-rich estate-owned vineyards in San Pietro Cariano. Castaldi's house Amarone is built from the ground up, using two traditional varieties: Corvina Veronese and Rondinella. The grapes are hand-harvested and hand-selected ensuring that only perfectly ripened grapes are used during production. In classic Amarone fashion, the grapes are dried in barns beginning in the latter weeks of September for a period of four months; concentrating sugar, alcohol, and a world of flavor! After fermentation the wine vacations in lightly toasted barrels for a minimum of 2 years. Once bottled, the Poggi Castaldi Amarone has reached the finished line, and ready to breathe life into any holiday dinner. Pair alongside your favorite grilled red meat recipe and let the wine transform the evening into a culinario paradiso!

The region of Valpolicella has been inhabited uninterruptedly from prehistory until today. Thanks to the protection of the Lessini mountains and natural exposure from the southern sun, Valpolicella is a unique location and climate for growing ultra-high quality grapes and making elegant and complex wines. Valpolicella’s most precious gift is its grapes: the vines extend over the whole territory, blending and integrating with the landscape. Over time the grapes have created tradition and history, weaving their tendrils with the life of the growers and populations who chose this land as their home, inspiring the art of many artists and academics. Valpolicella, which is known worldwide as the cradle of Amarone, is a region that is full of history inserted in a unique context, just like the wines it produces. 

Tasting notes: Red Wine. Corvina and Rondinella. The 2015 Poggi Castaldi is a smooth and elegant Amarone. The stylish palate is marked by mature fruit, baking spices, and a touch of dried florals. The palate is robust, driven by ripe red berries, firm tannins, and lingering after-taste that will tantalize your palate from sip to sip.



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