2017 Castello di Luzzano Tasto Di Seta Malvasia

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  • Soft & Elegant
  • Perfect Wine for Seafood Lovers
  • Lider Winery in Malvasia
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About the Wine  

2017 Castello di Luzzano Tasto Di Seta Malvasia, also known as “Touch of Silk” is a monovarietal wine made with Malvasia grape. Castello di Luzzano is one of the leading wineries in the production of this grape. This wine is for all those savvy wine drinkers looking for a fresh, beautiful, and elegant white wine.

Castello di Luzzano is owned by the Fugazza family for more than a century. It is located in the province of Pavia, just 40 miles from the fashion capital, Milan. Neighbor to some of the most important wine-growing states in the country such as Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. The Estate expands over 170 acres of vineyards. And thanks to its large extension, the vineyard has two types of soils both very exquisite and ideal for the different varieties found in Castello di Luzzano like as Barbera, Bonarda, Pinot Nero, and Malvasia di Candia Aromatica.

On the one hand,  the soil is composed of shale and calcareous loam soils, which are ideal for the reds. On the other hand, soils are formed by deep sands, lime, and clays rich in iron, which allows white wines, especially Malvasia to express beautifully, delivering aromatic, elegant, and fresh wines.

Today, Giovannella Fugazza is the director of the winery, where she permeates all her passion and love for the land, quality, and good wine! And to quote Giovannella "My fascinating places and my precious wines require an unconventional creativity that only my head, my hands, and my heart may satisfy."

In addition to great wines made with typical varieties of the area, Castello di Luzzano devotes special care to its wine labels, from the name to the design. Creativity has no limits in this place!  

Tasting Notes: 100% Malvasia di Candia. Tropical and citrus intense aromas. On the palate the wine is soft, silky and elegant. This wine pairs lovely with fish and seafood. Really versatile wine. 



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