93pt Brunello: 2015 Bonacchi Molino del Piano Brunello di Montalcino

“The 2015 vintage is ahistorical year for Brunello and nobody should miss it.”

We wholeheartedly agree with James Suckling’s advice from his 2105 Vintage Report. But here’s the thing—the longer the 2015 vintage is in circulation, the more chance there is to miss these wines that “show impressive precision of vivid fruit, fine tannins, and freshness in acidity despite their ripeness and richness which makes themsome of the most exciting in years.”

Fortunately, you have a chance today, and it’s an amazing one! Our allocation of the 2015 Bonacchi Molino del Piano Brunello di Montalcinois ata price we can’t even believe ourselves. Two years ago, we predicted that the 2015 vintage would mostly sell out within 9 to 10 months after its release. Now, so many of the prized bottles from this vintage are in the cellars of wine lovers all over the world. Getting this allocation was good fortune, and it’s our pleasure to pass that good fortune on to you.

This 93-point wine isearthy and savory and fruity and age-worthy—the 2015s have plenty of acidities (Vinous declares the acids “brisk”) that will allow the wine to shine long after the usual 8 to 10 years most people wait to open a Brunello.  This wine iseverything you want in a Brunello at a price you’d never expect for this quality.While the winery might be a bit under the radar, its winemaker, Ivan Misuri, is highly respected in Tuscany. In 2020, he won theGiulio Gambelli Prize awarded to a winemaker under 40, whose wine has been able to better interpret the spirit and vision of Giulio Gambelli, who was known as the Grand Master of Sangiovese.

Brunello di Montalcino is always 100% Sangiovese, but not all Sangiovese is created equal. Brunello is made exclusively with Sangiovese Grosso, a high-quality grape known for producing powerful, rich, and slow maturing red wines. (In other words—these wines age for years and years and years.) The thick skin of this Sangiovese clone imparts morecomplex and deeper flavors than the Sangiovese used for traditional Chianti, with a longer finish and stronger tannins in the wine. 

Both James Suckling and Vinous agree this wine is worthy of 93 points. We’ve offered 2015 Brunellos with similar ratings for twice the price, sometimes more, and they’ve all sold out. In fact, most ofthe 2015 Brunello we’ve offered has gone lightning fast.

With quantities increasingly becoming limited and demand still high because it was such a great vintage, now is the time to jump on this wine. It’salmost 30% off AND under $36 (yes you read that right). We know it will sell as lightning fast as our previous 2015 Brunello offers.

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