2017 Bennett Lane Winemakers Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

Let's cut to the chase and go straight to the juicy details of this offer:

➡️ Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
➡️ 55% OFF!... I repeat, 55% OFF!
➡️ Under-the-Radar Winery, Near Chateau Montelena
➡️ Unicorn Price: $28.99 per Bottle! 5-Years of Cellar Aging

Yup, that’s pretty much all you need to know

But you know how we are here at BHW… we like to squeeze all the juice and give you all the deets on why you’ll adore this wine as much as we do (and I bet you love to read them! 😉). So, let’s get to it.

You’re probably wondering, why is this 2017 Napa Cab available. Well, this is probably a little TMI, but the wine biz can be both rewarding and downright mysterious at times. Buyers come, buyers go. As is the case with this wine, it was slated for another home years ago, and the wine was almost forgotten in the back of a warehouse… until now.

We searched every corner of Napa to bring you this  2017 Bennett Lane Winemakers Selection Cabernet Sauvignon. It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! One taste, with a bit of decanting, and this baby just comes alive in the glass and for this price… it’s a coup!

As we all know, Napa Valley holds some of the most outstanding, renowned, and expensive wines in the world (yes in the world!). Wine Enthusiast says, “While there are many great wine regions in the world, Napa Valley stands out as one of the crown jewels. Its combination of exceptional terroir, skilled winemakers, and commitment to quality consistently produces wines that are a cut above the rest."

This is why, finding a good value, high-quality Napa Valley Cabernet is practically impossible, so when we find a great deal, we don’t let it go away.

Picture this: Bennett Lane Winery, nestled in the stunning northern part of Napa Valley, where vineyards embrace the mountains, and the charming town of Calistoga beckons with open arms. Oh, and did we mention that it's just a stone's throw away from the iconic Chateau Montelena? I think we did! We're talking prime wine terroir, my friend.

Owners Randy and Lisa Lynch, inspired by their wine-fueled adventures in Italy, set out to create a red wine that would make every dinner table dance with joy. They enlisted the talents of Rob Hunter, a winemaker with an insatiable thirst for crafting the world's finest Cabernet Sauvignon. Together with Bennett Salts, who have weaved their winemaking magic into each and every bottle.

The Bennett Lane Winemakers Selection Cabernet Sauvignon is the embodiment of Napa Valley's divine terroir. This wine is a true testament to the craft and passion poured into every drop.

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