92 Point Bordeaux: 2020 Chateau Montfollet Altus

Côtes de Bourg is one of the oldest wine regions in France. Its proximity to the Gironde estuary made it a logical location for a port for the ancient Romans, and where there was a port, there was wine to carry back to Rome. We don’t know if the Romans realized how excellent the location was for producing wine or if they just saw it as a convenient spot, but we certainly now know that Côtes de Bourg was destined to be known for excellent wine. 

Château Montfollet is located in the heart of Blaye, not too far from Côtes de Bourg where the château’s Altus vineyard is situated. It’s from that vineyard that the 92-point 2020 Château Montfollet Altus comes. Blaye and Bourg are two of the greatest value Bordeaux wine regions.They’re situated on the slopes overlooking the Gironde Estuary, not too far from the prestigious Margaux Crus

James Suckling praises this Bordeaux from prime terroir with 92 points and describes it as “full and flavorful.” The wine is 95% Merlot, the appellation’s primary grape. The remaining 5% of the wine is Malbec, another grape that thrives in Cotes de Bourg’s soils.

The Raimond family, legendary vignerons, has owned and cared for Montfollet for three generations so you can have confidence Montfollet fully understands these two grapes that blend harmoniously in the wine. Dominique Raimond, a passionate winegrower known as the “man who makes Malbec sing,” is now at the helm. He vinifies Montfollet’s wines at Châteaux Solidaires, where the winemaking area and cellar are equipped with top-notch and innovative technology, in order to produce extremely high-quality wines.

Before those grapes ever see the modern cellar, they are cared for with sustainable practices. Respect is given to the surrounding fauna and flora, ensuring a healthy biodiversity. The 148 acres of vineyards are certified HEV Level 3, a French certification that guarantees a farm's high level of environmental performance.

Dominique Raimond’s star is rising in Bordeaux’s wine industry. His wines from Château Montfollet and Puy d’Amour, another of his properties, garner global recognition and high accolades among some of the wine world’s most important critics.

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